Tuberous Breast Deformity and Constricted Breast Deformities

Tuberous breast deformity is a congenital problem related to abnormal breast development. For reasons that are not fully understood the breast bud is constricted in its position on the chest resulting in a narrow base to the breast, a long narrow tubular shaped breast and a wide areola (pigmented area around the nipple). The appearance of a tuberous breast can range from a mild narrowing of the inferior part of the breast to a severe constriction that results in markedly tubular shaped breasts. There may also be asymmetries between the two breasts.

For young women going through puberty this abnormal breast development can be very distressing and confusing.

How is tuberous breast deformity corrected?

The Surgical procedures available to correct tuberous breast deformity depend on the severity of the condition. In some cases the breast tissue can be reshaped with mastopexy (breast lift) techniques to create to a more normal overall shaped to the breast. In some women the abnormality or asymmetry is so severe that the absence of breast tissue in the lower half requires a breast implant to be placed to fill out the area where breast tissue is absent. This is often undertaken in conjunction with a reshaping of the existing breast tissue (mastopexy). In the most severe cases a number of staged surgeries are required to correct the deformity.

If you would like to discuss your tuberous breasts and what options you may have for correction with Dr O’Mahony contact her office to make an appointment.