Breast Reduction

Why consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction is undertaken in large breasted women for whom the weight and size of their breasts causes significant discomfort.

Common problems resulting from large breasts include painful neck, back and shoulders, indentation from bra straps, rashes and fungal infections under the breast in warm weather, along with difficulties in fitting bras and clothing, inability to exercise comfortably, and social discomfort. For these reasons women who make the decision to undergo breast reduction find that the procedure can make a huge difference to their life.

What is involved in the Surgery?

The surgery involves removing breast tissue to reduce the overall size and weight of the breast, and repositioning the nipple further up on the breast to give a more natural and youthful appearance. Whilst there are visible scars left on the breast skin, many women feel the scars settle well and are worth the benefits that the breast reduction has provided them. The scars are placed around the pigmented areola, and vertically downward from here to the fold under the breast, whilst another is hidden in that fold. The long- term appearance of the scars depends very much on a woman’s individual biology but if you are considering this surgery Dr O’Mahony can show you some examples of post operative results to help you visualize the likely scars.

Breast reduction is undertaken under general anaesthetic in hospital, with one overnight stay. The recovery would usually necessitate 2-3 weeks off work.

Who is suitable for Surgery?

Large breasted women who are in good health and who suffer with problems such as those described above may be suitable candidates for surgery. Dr O’Mahony will not undertake Breast Reduction Surgery on smokers, or obese patients, as the risk of complications is too high to proceed safely. She would encourage women to be as close as possible to an optimum weight before surgery.

Will my Health Fund recognise this procedure?

Breast Reduction is considered a medically necessary procedure, rather than entirely cosmetic and therefore Medicare and Health Funds will cover some of the costs of surgery, although few will rebate the entire cost of surgery. Dr O’Mahony’s office can send you a detailed quote after your consultation if you wish to consider surgery.

​If you would like more information or arrange a consultation with Dr. O’Mahony, please contact us for an appointment.