Paediatric Plastic Surgery

Dr O’Mahony is a Specialist Paediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.  She has undertaken additional years of training to perform complex paediatric reconstructive surgery and has a particular interest and expertise in cleft lip and palate surgery and ear surgery.

Dr O’Mahony looks after children from birth to maturity with a wide range of both simple and complex conditions. She particularly enjoys her paediatric practice, working with children and their families to facilitate a well informed, supported and child-friendly experience around their reconstructive surgery.

Follow the links to read more about the paediatric plastic surgery procedures Dr O’Mahony performs.

Otoplasty (Bat Ear Correction)

Prominent ears, sometimes known as ‘bat ears’ are a relatively common problem that sometimes lead to teasing and self-consciousness in childhood or adulthood. Otoplasty is the operation undertaken to correct prominent ears. It can be very beneficial for certain patients.

Paediatric Skin Lesion Removal

As a Paediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr O’Mahony frequently treats children of all ages who have lesions causing clinical, physical, psychological or aesthetic concerns. These include congenital lesions they were born with or lesions that have developed or progressed over time.