Polands Syndrome

Polands Syndrome is a condition affecting the upper limb, shoulder girdle and chest. It results from an in utero insult to development, possibly due to a constricted blood vessel that should be supplying the limb during this time. The presentation of the condition varies in severity, but includes a small hand and arm, partial absence of the pectoralis major muscle in the chest, occasional absence of the latissimus dorsi muscle in the upper back and in females an absent or severely restricted breast and nipple/areola.

How is Poland’s syndrome corrected?

The syndrome itself cannot be corrected, and any issues with hand function should be managed during childhood with an Occupational Therapist and/ or hand surgeon. Dr O’Mahony does not practice hand surgery.

In puberty when the failure of breast development is noted Dr O’Mahony can undertake breast reconstruction using a combination of breast implants and transfer of a muscle from the back to create a more. Normal chest and breast contour. Surgery maybe undertaken in stages and may need to be revised at maturity to optimise final symmetry of the two breasts.

If you would like to discuss your breast asymmetry and what options you may have for correction with Dr O’Mahony contact her office to make an appointment.