Significantly enlarged breasts can occur in puberty. This can be very distressing due to physical discomfort and difficulty managing the size of the breasts in clothing and during sporting activities, and also psychologically very distressing. The enlargement may not be symmetrical.

Breast reduction can be undertaken in certain circumstances before the completion of breast growth, although this procedure may need to be repeated after breast maturity is reached as the breasts can continue to grow in size until early 20’s.

Under the age of 18 assessment by a psychologist is required before proceeding with breast reduction surgery, Dr O’Mahony can discuss this with you.

Dr O’Mahony may also refer you to a Paediatrician orEndocrinologist to investigate your significantly enlarged breasts further in case you have hormonal problems contributing to abnormally large breast growth prior to undertaking surgery.

It is important to be aware that breast feeding is not usually possible after breast reduction.

If you would like to read more about Breast Reduction please follow this link and please contact Dr O’Mahony’s office to make an appointment to discuss your individual concerns.