Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetry in breast size shape or position is not uncommon. Minor asymmetries are evident in nearly all breasts. However, when the asymmetry is more marked it can cause significant difficulties for women as discussed earlier.

Breast asymmetry can be congenital or acquired and maybe caused by Tuberous or Constricted Breasts or Poland’s Syndrome (add links to other txt pages). There are many women who experience significant breast asymmetry from other causes, many of which can not be explained.

Correction of significant breast asymmetry is usually undertaken using a combination of methods, depending on the particular problem. Surgery may need to be undertaken on both breasts. The procedures that may be offered include breast lift or breast implants for size and shape augmentation, or even breast reduction on the larger side. Dr O’Mahony will work with you to provide the best procedure or combination of procedures for your particular circumstances.

The timing of correction depends on the individual. Ideally surgery undertaken at completion of breast growth allows for fewer procedures on the breast, however Dr O’Mahony is very aware that significant asymmetries may need correction during puberty, before growth is completed when the asymmetries become to hard to manage. A final procedure may then need to be undertaken at the completion of growth.

If you would like to discuss your breast asymmetry and what options you may have for correction with Dr O’Mahony contact her office to make an appointment.